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The finding of domestic violence can have a large impact on family law matters, particularly where child custody and spousal support are concerned. At the Law Offices of Laura L. Westray, I represent women and men in domestic violence and restraining order cases.

Domestic violence is a gender neutral issue — both men and women are affected. Whether you have been abused or have been accused of abuse, you need help from a Redondo Beach restraining order lawyer. With more than 22 years of legal experience, I can represent you in civil and criminal domestic issues.

Temporary Restraining Orders

I handle both sides of restraining order cases. Therefore, whatever side my client is on, he or she can feel confident that I can anticipate the other side’s moves and have full knowledge of what he or she is going through.

  • If you have been a victim of domestic violence, I can use ex parte procedures — this means I can go in without notice to obtain a temporary stay-away order. The abusive party will not be allowed visitation of the children and will be ordered to stay away from your home and the children’s school. The court will set a hearing within 21 days from the temporary order, and the court will decide if a permanent order will be made.
  • If you have been served with a temporary restraining order, you have been kicked out of life as you know it. You cannot go to your family home, and you cannot talk to or see your children. Additionally, a CLETS (California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System) restraining order may be issued, which can prohibit you from being in possession of a firearm.

If the police have been called, an emergency protective order may be issued by a criminal judge that will last until the temporary order goes into effect.

I act with a strong sense of urgency on behalf of my clients. A finding of domestic violence can impact child custody and spousal support. If found guilty of domestic violence, you may not have access to your children or be awarded support. Your very livelihood may be on the line, particularly if your career requires you to carry a firearm.

Contact a South Bay, California, Protective Order Lawyer

By waiting to contact an attorney, you could be placing yourself and your children in harm’s way. You could be placing yourself in a situation where you are not allowed access to your children. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner we can get started on advancing your goals. Contact me online or call the Law Offices of Laura L. Westray at 310-683-2585 to schedule a consultation.

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