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As a Redondo Beach paternity attorney, I represent mothers and fathers who are involved in paternity actions.

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Fathers’ Concerns

Unmarried couples who have children may establish their legal rights for child custody, child visitation and child support through a paternity action. If the father is listed on the birth certificate and there is no dispute regarding parentage, then it is less complicated to obtain a judgment of paternity. Fathers are at risk where the mother of their child seeks financial assistance from the government. If that happens, the government is required to file a paternity action against the alleged father to establish a child support order for the mother, or to reimburse the county for welfare benefits against the alleged father. Many times, the alleged father is not even aware that the county has established paternity and obtained a child support order against the father. Fortunately, there are procedures that allow the alleged father to set aside the judgment if he acts in a timely manner.

Mothers’ Concerns

In order for an unmarried mother to obtain child support from the father, she must file a paternity action. It is important for her to act sooner rather than later, as child support can only be ordered from the date the action is filed going forward. A mother may also recover expenses related to childbirth. Oftentimes, when a father is sued for child support, he requests visitation and custody rights as part of the proceeding; therefore, a mother should seriously balance her requirements for support from the father with the potential result of the father gaining custody and visitation rights over the child. A mother should also be aware that if she seeks government assistance, then the county is required to file the paternity action, which could result in unwanted custody and visitation for the father.

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If you are involved in a paternity action, it is important to protect your parental and financial rights by contacting me as soon as possible. The faster you act and speak with a lawyer, the more options you will have to reach the best result in your case.

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