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Why mediation? Mediation is a win-win approach to the divorce process that helps parties reach their own outcomes in a fair, cost-effective and confidential manner. Going to court for a divorce is a big gamble. Parties never know what the outcome will be and literally entrust their children, wealth and assets to an overburdened and oftentimes biased judge. People would prefer to take the amicable and less-expensive route of mediation. If the spouses are in agreement on custody, child support, alimony and property division, this route is best.

Would you like to learn if divorce mediation is advisable for your situation? Contact me, a Redondo Beach mediation lawyer, to schedule a consultation.

Mediation maintains a cordial relationship with your spouse, which is especially important if you have to co-parent your children. Mediation also makes it more likely that the parties’ agreements will be honored. It is far less time-consuming than protracted litigation.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process begins with both parties meeting with me together. As your mediator, I am neutral and do not represent either party. While I offer my opinions as to what a court would order under the circumstances of your case, I am also invested in allowing both parties to come up with creative resolutions for settlement. Both parties are fully informed of their rights and are able to make a knowledgeable and voluntary decision about how to resolve the issues in their divorce. Once an agreement is reached, I can prepare all the necessary paperwork to finalize the divorce. There is no need for either party to appear in court. The documents are submitted to the court through my attorney service and I notify the parties when their divorce is final.

Why Hire Me as a Mediator?

I am on the Los Angeles Superior Court Mediation Panel and have assisted numerous couples in reaching settlements through mediation. I also volunteer as a mediation settlement officer for the Los Angeles Superior Court. This varied experience gives you a great advantage when I work as your mediator. I bring many years of success in resolving the divorce issues without the necessity of court involvement.

Is Mediation Right for You? Contact Me, a South Bay, California, Divorce Attorney to Learn More.

Mediation is an effective, viable option for resolving family law issues. To learn more in a consultation, contact me online or call 310-683-2585.

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