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When children are involved in a divorce, parents typically have two primary questions:

  • How much time will I get to spend with my children?
  • How much child support can I expect to pay or receive?

Many people are under the impression that after a divorce, the mother will receive primary care of the children. While that was the assumed standard in the past, it is no longer the case. Courts in California have a preference of frequent and continued contact with both parents, and an experienced attorney can help ensure you receive the parenting time you are entitled to.

When divorce is your only option and you will be forced to arrange child custody and child support arrangements, working with an attorney who will protect your best interests is important. When clients contact my firm, Law Offices of Laura L. Westray,  that is exactly what they find. I possess more than 30 years of experience serving clients with compassion and integrity in California family law matters.

Child Support

Child support payments are based on a court-mandated formula. Support obligations are based on a number of factors, including each parent’s income and how much time each parent has with the kids. When I meet with parents, I work to ensure that only their relevant income is considered in the obligations and that all the relevant income is considered.

Modifications of Child Support and Child Custody

Child support, child custody and spousal support payments are almost always modifiable. If either spouse has a change of circumstances, you may be eligible for a modification. A change of circumstances can include job loss, working fewer hours, promotion, health issues or moving. I work with clients to make sure their court orders accurately reflect their current situations.

Make sure your rights are protected by contacting an experienced Redondo Beach child support attorney.

I can be reached online or by calling 310-683-2585.

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