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When you have spent your entire life building your family, career and wealth, it is terrifying to realize divorce can uproot everything you’ve worked hard for. Divorce is expensive, so it’s important to find an attorney who is committed to protecting your best interests throughout the process.

At my law office, that is exactly what you will find. I work closely with clients in the Los Angeles and South Bay area and throughout Southern California to resolve divorce, property division, child support and custody, spousal support and other family law matters.

Personal Attention From an Experienced Attorney

Many people associate experienced attorneys with expensive fees. Although I have been practicing for more than 30 years, gained knowledge working at a larger firm and represent high profile clients, my rates are much lower than many of my colleagues. 

I graduated from USC in the top 10 of my class and began working at a large international firm. I moved on and began work with a prominent family law firm, where I gained valuable experience and training. Today, as a sole practitioner, I am the one who works on my clients’ cases from start to finish and will be the only one who knows your case inside and out. This reduces any miscommunication or delay in the quality of legal representation you receive.

When litigation is required, I can use my skills as an aggressive, experienced advocate on your behalf in court. However, my philosophy is that it is much more cost-effective to resolve your family law issues without the necessity of costly court appearances. I have been a settlement officer and mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court. I am proficient in negotiation techniques designed to resolve property, support and custody disputes out of court.

Whatever concerns you have about divorce, I can help you find the answers you need. I have a B.S. in finance, so I understand the accounting and financial matters that arise during divorce; particularly those involving businesses: cash flow, valuation and other critical factors. I am also a licensed real estate broker, and will offer valuable insight to my clients regarding asset division and putting a house on the market after divorce. I am experienced in valuation and division of real estate holdings, marital home buyouts and other financing options.

Learn more about the representation you need by contacting an experienced Redondo Beach divorce attorney. I can be reached online or by calling 310-683-2585.


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