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Redondo Beach Family Law Attorney

Working through the divorce process can be frightening. Many people worry about protecting their finances and also want to make sure they receive enough parenting time with their children. Most people are concerned about the cost of divorce and want to know they are receiving high-quality representation.

When divorce is your only option, choose an attorney who will protect your best interests. I am South Bay family law attorney Laura L. Westray and possess more than 30 years of legal experience representing clients throughout Southern California in divorce and family-related matters.

Contact me, a Redondo Beach family law attorney, to schedule a free 30 minute initial consultation.

A South Bay Divorce Lawyer With Integrity, Compassion and Experience

Family law matters can be untimely, confusing and financially draining. Most people have thousands, if not millions, of dollars tied into their real estate, businesses, retirement accounts, vehicles and other valuable assets. During divorce, finding an experienced and reputable attorney who will work hard to protect your interests in property division and spousal support at every step of the process is vital.

When I represent clients, I perform a cost-benefit analysis throughout each stage of the case to make sure I am always on the right track. While some attorneys charge high fees, delegate the work to associates or paralegals, or drag the case through litigation, I work to find more sensible options for my clients.

As a Redondo Beach family law attorney, I often tell my clients that the only people who win in court are the lawyers. Going to trial is expensive and often fuels contention between parties. As a qualified mediator, I work closely with my clients to find cost-effective solutions to their problems outside of court, even long after your divorce has been finalized, when modifications may become necessary.

Hermosa Beach Child Custody Law Firm

You may be a lawyer, doctor, business person, professional athlete, musician, actor, salaried employee or homemaker who is concerned with protecting your financial welfare, or you may be a parent who is concerned about your children.

Contact me, a South Bay divorce attorney, online or call 310-683-2585 to schedule a consultation. At my law firm, you will find a Redondo Beach family law attorney who is prepared to work hard to protect your best interests.

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